Clare Benson

The Shepherd's Daughter Book, Special Edition


Image of The Shepherd's Daughter Book, Special Edition

"This collection asks us to see and re-see. To connect to unconnectable things....What she’s done is magic: she’s breathed life into the dead, she’s given fire and water and bones and eyes a chance to have perspective...we look again and again to catch some glimpse of ourselves."
- Melissa Goodrich

The special edition: a signed copy of The Shepherd's Daughter book comes in a soft faux suede slipcase, and includes a signed, limited edition (7.5 inch x 11 inch) print of The Shepherd's Daughter (cover image).

The book: The Shepherd's Daughter, with essays by Melissa Goodrich and Meg R. Jackson, and design by Karen Zimmermann.

Published by Photolucida through the Critical Mass Book Award. Copyright 2017.
7.5 inches x 11 inches
64 pages with gatefold, 32 four-color photographs

ISBN 978-1-934334-15-7

50 available